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i2M Chrome Lite

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i2M Chrome Lite dashboard + cables.





The Chrome dashboard represents a true innovation in the field of aftermarket dashboards for motorcycles thanks to the union of a 800x480 true color screen, a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The use of a color screen allows for easy and intuitive menus with a large amount of information. The display was chosen by I2M to provide perfect reading even in strong front light conditions, while a special glass treated with an anti-reflective coating eliminates unpleasant unwanted effects of the sun

Chrome supports the reading of the position and speed acquired via a 10Hz GPS with the reading of RPM, front and rear speed and 8 external analog channels with sampling up to 100Hz and another 10 channels with sampling up to 10Hz. The data acquisition allows to record up to 1GB of data with a sampling up to 100Hz per channel able to satisfy any need.
A practical menu allows you to select the desired sessions, sorted by circuit and date and delete them or transfer them to a USB stick for analysis on a PC using the Danas software, thus drastically reducing download times.
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